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National Archives of Australia:

A3560, 1603 Like


Braddon house and gardens.

Date Range

January 1921–December 1935



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Conrad Burden updated the location of this photograph.
November 19 2012 Reply
Conrad Burden says:
November 19 2012

There are 3 type C6 FCAC houses in Braddon with the front porch on the left hand side:
58 Currong Street
29 Doonkuna Street and
65 Elimatta Street

This photo cannot be 29 Donkuna Street because the house next door at 31 has a gable ended roof, not a hipped roof.
Of the other two, it is most likely 58 Currong Street because the of the direction of the shadows (the sun is probably in the north, though it is possible shine from somewhat S of E early in the morning in summer) and because the small section of horizon to the left of the house appears to be the southern slope of Mount Ainslie.

I had a chat with a friendly young chap who lived in the house. He said the fire places had been bricked over. Pity.

November 28 2012
Glenda replied:
December 11 2012

You can also see a slight variation in the bricks on the left of the house where the archway has been filled in., possibly to create a room on the front of the house.

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