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National Archives of Australia:

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A corridor in Parliament House showing rubber floor covering.


1 January 1927



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This corridor has since been carpetted but some inhabitants remember the rubber flooring

July 4 2011
Ann Gardner replied:
December 20 2011

There is still quite a bit of rubber flooring in various areas. We thought it was about 60 years old but maybe it's older than that. We were contacted by a heritage architect in Sydney last year who said it was a heritage building and they are not allowed to replace the rubber but they can patch it. We sell rubber flooring and could have match the pattern they had. But we didn't hear more about it despite us contacting them again.
We visited Canberra in February this year and as well as doing a tour, looked at all the flooring of course. The lower floor, the rubber is cream marbled and very old. From our point of view, we believe it is disgusting how they have patched it. Someone has patched the cream floor with a bright solid electric blue rectangle, or a large black piece so it does not blend in at all. Up on the level with where the press area is, they have patched smaller squares with different colours and not blended in at all. As a proud Australian, I wonder why there was no money to do a proper job. Isn't a job worth doing properly? Who is responsible? We left a message with the desk there, but no one has contacted us.
Our rubber flooring is high end, and often we don't get the sales because of budget restraints, but the patching would not have cost a lot at all to do. Either they should replace the floor with something else, or patch it properly.
We took photos if anyone is interested. Contact me at

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